The Spectrum is a safe(r) space for 2SLGBTQIA* individuals at

Red River College Polytechnic

Notre Dame Campus, owned and operated by the RRC Polytech Students’ Association


The RRCSA would like to acknowledge that The Spectrum resides on Treaty 1 territory and that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and the homeland of the Métis Nation.


The Spectrum is a safe(r) space for 2SLGBTQIA* individuals at Red River College Polytechnic Notre Dame Campus, owned and operated by the Red River College Polytechnic Students’ Association.

It’s a cozy, colourful room at the corner of E and F hallway on the mall level, room FM66.  We provide LGBTQ books, board games, and a whiteboard wall where you can draw on. We also hold events there as well.

We also act as a resource centre, providing pamphlets and information on topics that affect the community.


The Spectrum follows the policies set out by Red River College Polytechnic, specifically see the following RRC policy sections for more information.

  • H1 Discrimination and Harassment
  • H2 Equity Diversity and Inclusion
  • S1 Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities
  • S2 Student Discipline
  • S5 At-Risk Students


1. Respect

Inappropriate behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to slurs, hate speech and harassment.

2. Accessibility

Be mindful of people with physical disabilities or who may use assistance devices for example a wheelchair. Please leave exits clear and free of obstructions, including but not limited to trash, backpacks, chairs.



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All students using the space are responsible for educating themselves on matters relating to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Be Sensitive

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The Spectrum’s events are inclusive and diverse, therefore opinions and experiences may clash.

This space seeks to provide a reflective, calm but often fun and interactive environment. Please try to be aware of the energy you bring, and ask yourself if it reflects the current dynamic.

Open discussion on topics that face our community can be triggering for some. Although we do encourage challenging ideas and sharing new perspectives, we ask that you keep in mind the feelings, emotions and personal values of others. Please provide a fair trigger warning around sensitive subject for those who may not wish to participate in the conversation.

Mental illness is not a laughing matter nor is it something we joke about. For this reason, language or behavior that is stigmatic towards mental illness will not be accepted. We promote a positive attitude towards our community, which includes those dealing with mental health challenges.

Respect the space

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If you spill, clean it up. If you have garbage, pick it up and throw it out. You are on camera, any vandalism or disrespect could result in actions that limit access to this space, either temporarily or permanently, and/or other disciplinary actions. See RRC Polytech Policy S2 Student Discipline.

Be Discreet

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For safety purposes, we ask that what happens in The Spectrum, stays in The Spectrum. Be discreet about group discussions, no gossiping or sharing of what others discussed without their explicit consent to do so. Please do not share stories involving names or identifying details. Please do not approach those you meet here if you see them outside of The Spectrum, unless you have discussed it prior. “Outing” an individual, or their affiliation to the LGBT2QIA community can put them in danger and this behavior will be not be accepted.

Speak for Yourself

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Use “I” statements, in regards to your opinions or feelings. You do not represent your entire demographic.

Be Understanding

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This is a space for learning, and mistakes are bound to happen. Apologize genuinely if you offend someone. Try to communicate with awareness and sensitivity following any misunderstanding. Everyone makes mistakes, try your best to be patient and forgiving. Learning isn’t always easy. Again we are accountable for impact, not intent.