Joining a club while you are at Red River College can change your life! Clubs are a great way to meet people, to work together with your peers to a common goal, or to share something important to you with like-minded individuals. The Red River College Students’ Association (SA) can help you find the right club for you, or to start your own club. Once you’re in your club the SA can even help you with fundraising for that event your club is planning, for a worthy cause you would like to support, or anything else your club wants to work towards! Starting a new club is simple and quick, just stop into one of the SA offices, NDC (CM20) or EDC (P110) and pick up a Clubs Brochure or speak to one of your SA execs for more details!

Types of Clubs

There are two types of clubs, Interest-Based Clubs and Academic Clubs. Here is a list of some of the currently active clubs we have on campus

  • LGBTT* & Friends
  • Anime
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Indian Culture Club
  • Segue club
  • Beer & Wings (EDC)
  • Smash Bros

Our Next Club Days

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Club Policies



This policy operates as an appendix to the Red River College Students’ Association Bylaws.




Academic Advisor – A college employee who is a Club Member, but not necessarily a Student, that provides guidance and support and whose membership carries from one year to the next to assist in the facilitation of that club.

Active – A club that has been approved by the RRCSA, is not on probation, and has met at least once during an academic term.

Club Hub – A student space provided by the RRCSA, which can be booked for student and club use.

Club Member – Any Student who has signed the Club Member Form.

Executive Committee – The Red River College Students’ Association’s President, VP Internal, VP External, VP Academic and Executive Director.

EDC – The Exchange District Campus

Funding Request – A formal request for a non-repayable loan.

Minutes – A summarized record of the proceedings at a meeting.

Motion – A formal proposal put to a legislature, committee, or club.

NDC – The Notre Dame Camus

Probation – A thirty (30) day warning period.

Signing Officers – The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Student – Any person who pays student fees.


Campus Clubs

The Red River College Students’ Association (RRCSA) offers the opportunity for students to create and join clubs. Our purpose is to improve the students’ experience. Clubs are a great way to meet people, work together with your peers toward a common goal, or share something important with like-minded individuals and improve that experience. The RRCSA can help you find an existing club or help individuals start their own, located at their respective campuses which are either NDC or EDC.


Club Types

  1. Interest Club – A group of students that have a similar interest or activity they wish to pursue. These clubs are based around extra-curricular activities.
  2. Academic Club – A group of students with a common academic interest who are facilitated by an instructor, whose membership continues beyond a set period of time, and whose activities are course related. Fundraising for Graduation falls under this category.

Status & Membership

  1. A club is active once the signing officers receive a Welcome Email. The Welcome Email is a digital package containing membership information, the Club Policies, and other relevant information sent by either the VP External or Internal. All Members who sign up for a club consent to having their contact information shared with other students of the same club.
  2. Clubs cannot operate in RRCSA spaces or fundraise on campus until the club is active.
  • All clubs require a minimum of five (5) members.
  1. All clubs require a minimum of three (3) signing officers and a maximum of four (4) signing officers. No one person can hold more than one (1) positions.
  2. Academic Clubs may have an academic advisor as one of the Signing Officers.
  3. Signing Officers have authority to run meetings, book SA spaces, handle financial matters, and are responsible for the actions of the other club members.
  • During events/activities Signing Officers are responsible for damages or losses caused by the clubs members or guests.
  • Signing Officers may remove individual club members that have
    1. Violated a Red River College, RRCSA, or Club Policy
    2. Discredited the club or its members
    3. Ceased being a student
  1. A club must note the removal of an individual club member in its minutes. If the club falls below the minimum of five (5) club members, the club will be put on probation starting from the date on the minutes. If a Signing Officer is removed, a Club Transfer form along with a Club Registration Form must be completed to assign a new signing authority only if the club does not have the minimum of three (3) Signing Officers after the removal of a Signing Officer.
  2. Signing Officers are recognized upon submission of the Club Registration Form.
  3. Clubs whose membership drops below five (5) members will be placed on probation for 30 days. Clubs are not active while on probation. A club maybe allowed to continue to operate as normal during probation upon the discretion of the VP Internal.
  • Clubs on probation for longer than thirty (30) days will be terminated by the RRCSA and closed. The RRCSA also reserves the right to terminate any club with notice of thirty (30) days.
  • Clubs may be terminated with no notice in situations where the club or club members have violated Red River College Policies, RRCSA Policies, or created an unsafe environment or culture.
  • Academic Clubs and Interest Clubs can be transferred from year to year. A Club Transfer Form and Club Registration Form must be submitted to the RRCSA and approved before the new Signing Officers are authorized. Transfers can happen during any time before a club is closed, including when a club is on probation.
  1. A Transfer Form and Club Registration Form is required every time a Signing Officer changes. Not all Signing Officers must change at the same time. However, all Signing Officers may change at one time. Clubs are responsible for creating their own selection process to choose the Signing Officers.
  • Interest or Academic Clubs that wish to close, must have approval from the club members. A meeting must be held in which the minutes of the meeting and the motion to close the club are recorded. 60% of total members must be present. Proxys will be accepted with written confirmation. A sign-in sheet must also be included with the minutes. There must be a majority fifty-one (51) percent in favor.
  • Any balance in a club’s account after it is closed will need to get proper approval (with meeting minutes) to disperse any remaining funds by the club membership. The RRCSA requires the minutes and a copy of the Club Sign-in Sheet two (2) weeks prior to the final cheque being issued. Clubs that wish to transfer ownership can also transfer funds to the next years’ Club Account.
  • Clubs must meet at least once per term or once every four (4) months. A club that is inactive for two (2) consecutive terms is considered terminated. Proof of activity must be given the VP internal upon request.
  • Any balance remaining in the club’s account will be transferred to the RRCSA Club account after 2 years of inactivity.

Table & Space Bookings and Posters

  1. Table booking requests for either NDC or EDC require submission of a completed Vendor Table Request Form.
  2. Each club will get one (1) free table booking per term. Additional tables can be booked at a reduced student rate.
  • Requested dates are not guaranteed. Confirmation of booking will be sent by the SA advertising director.
  1. The Club Hub is free to book and is on a first come, first serve basis. Bookings can be made in the RRCSA office at NDC, room CM20. The Club Hub can be booked up to one (1) week in advance. The Club Hub is booked at half-hour increments to a maximum of three (3) hours of continual use. Additional limits may be implemented at the discretion of the RRCSA.
  2. Only a Signing Officer may book or cancel hall tables, spaces, or the Club Hub. The name of the club and the name of the Signing Officer are required for bookings.
  3. Clubs are not charged a posting fee for posters for club meetings or events held on campus. The posters to advertise a club, its meetings, or events must be approved by the RRCSA before it is displayed. Clubs are responsible to putting up and taking down their own posters.
  • All posters must include the SA Clubs Logo Stamp on the front of the poster.
  • Clubs are expected to follow the RRCSA Poster Guidelines. The policy is listed on our website at
  1. Signing Officers must provide proof of ID when booking a table or space and to sign out keys for SA spaces.
  2. Students looking to book RRCSA spaces are required to have a minimum group of five (5) students

Fundraising & Funding

  1. All clubs must have any money raised on campus or received via funding request deposited into a club account.
  2. All money is reconciled after any club event or fundraiser and is signed off by that club’s Signing Officer and either a RRCSA staff member or executive committee member.
  • Only Interest Clubs that are active are able to make funding requests to the RRCSA.
  1. Money will be reimbursed by cheque after a Club Cheque Requisition Form is completed and submitted by at least two (2) Signing Officers and include documentation (i.e. receipt or invoice).
  2. Names and signatures on a Club Cheque Requisition form must match those on the Club Registration Form for payments to be processed.
  3. If no proof of purchase or documentation is available then a meeting may be held by group members (60%) and 51% vote in favor of a motion to pay the amount to the member.
  • Payment requests require at least five (5) business days’ notice.
  • Receipts or invoices must always be provided to the RRCSA with the Club Cheque Requisition Form.
  1. Any reimbursed money will come out of the clubs account.
  2. Funds will be allocated first to companies/businesses, then instructors, and finally to individual members of the club.
  3. The VP Internal may veto any Cheque Requisition Form. Club members can hold a special meeting with minutes and a Club Sign-in Sheet to overturn the decision of the VP Internal with a majority fifty-one (51) percent vote.
  • The RRCSA may provide assistance with facilitating fundraising events on campus.
  • Any fundraising done on campus cannot be used for any type of profit gain. This includes but is not limited to gambling and investing.
  • NOTE: The Students’ Association does not take any responsibility for club member’s financial or economic risk, or income/loss, as a result of club member’s actions.
  • Club members and their signing authorities/executive are responsible for ensuring proper financial management/accounting where the RRCSA only holds and executes the wishes of the club that is in accordance to club, RRCSA and RRC policies.

Agency Protocol

  1. Clubs must recognize that RRCSA Club status does not make the group an agent of the RRCSA authorized to speak on the Students’ Association’s behalf. Clubs may not advocate issues or promote concerns assuming the support of the RRCSA or Red River College through any media, communication vehicles, or persons.
  2. Any club, regardless of type (Interest, Academic) cannot deny membership to any student based on a prohibited ground under the Canadian Human Rights Act.
  • All groups must agree to carry on their activities in a manner which does not infringe upon federal, provincial, or municipal laws, Red River College’s regulations or the spirit of these guidelines. Failure to abide by these regulations could result in probation or termination.


VP INTERNAL / Notre Dame Campus / CM20 / 204-632-2480 /                                     

VP EXTERNAL / Roblin Centre / P110 / 204-949-8466 /                                     

OPERATIONS DIRECTOR / Notre Dame Campus / CM20 / 204-632-2070 /