Want to Join or Start a Student Club?

Campus Clubs are a great way to meet people, work together with your peers toward a common goal, or share a space with like-minded individuals.

The Red River College Polytechnic Students’ Association (RRCSA) is here to help you with that!

You can join an already existing CLUB or start your Own!

The RRCSA sub-categorizes the student-led clubs into two categories, i.e., Academic Club and Non-Academic Club.

  • Academic clubs consist of a group of students with a common academic, course, or class interest.
  • Non-Academic clubs consist of a group of students with a common interest in extra-curriculum activities.

If you want to know what clubs are already available for joining, scroll down to the Clubs Directory.

The RRCSA offers support to recognized student groups including equipment rentals, meeting spaces, funding, and more.

Please read the Club Policies and Procedures and Club FAQs to know everything related to Campus Clubs.


You can read the Club Policies HERE
Please see the CLUB FAQ’s HERE

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If you would like to advertise your Club’s Event on our poster boards. Please adhere to the Poster Guildlines. 

Also, you must use this Clubs Word Mark somewhere on your poster.

After reading the poster guidelines use the form below to submit your poster.


Who do you represent?

Maximum file size: 516MB

Please make sure your poster is ready to print. You poster size should be 11x17 @ 300 dpi CMYK Please include bleeds if you are able. We will take care of the printing and put up of your posters around both campuses.

If you have any questions, please contact the VP Internal (

Interested in joining an existing Club? You are at the right place!

Fill out the form below and the Club Signing Officers would notify you once they add you to the Club.

Note on MEMBERSHIP: 80% of the Club membership must be current RRC Polytech students. If you are a non-student member (this may be RRC Polytech Staff or Alumni), then the Club Signing Officers will add you to the Club, depending on the requirement, otherwise, your contact details will be saved for future.

Refer to the CLUB Policies and Procedures for more details.

Club Registration
Are you a?
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your email should look like
Non-Academic Clubs
I consent to share my email with the clubs I am interested in. *
Red River College Polytechnic and the Red River College Polytechnic Students’ Association (RRCSA) (hereafter referred to as organizations) assume no liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred during Club events. Attendees absolve the Organization, its officers, and representatives from any claims or actions arising from participation. This includes adherence to guidelines, taking necessary precautions, and seeking appropriate medical and security assistance. The Organization is not responsible for harm caused by third parties, such as vendors, venues, or fellow participants.

Want to Start your own Club?

Following are the steps for starting your own student club:

  1. Look into the Clubs Directory to see if the club you want to run already exists. If the purposes, commodities, or services of your club are too similar to those of another club or your club recognition application is too identical, the RRCSA may refuse it at the discretion of the Executives (VP Internal or VP External Affairs).
  2. Read the Club Policies and Procedures thoroughly (especially the MEMBERSHIP section of the document)
  3. Determine the club’s interest and demand among students. If you mention your club idea to other students (classmates, friends, etc.) and no one looks interested, you will have a difficult time launching your club.

To register, your Club must have 5 student members who are in good standing with RRC Polytech and RRCSA.

Refer to the CLUB Policies and Procedures for more details.

If you think you are ready to start your Club, fill out the form below

If you think you are ready to start your club click HERE

Every club under RRCSA must be renewed annually by the end of the Winter term by contacting the RRCSA’s Executive and providing the proof of minimum required membership in the club.

The club shall be put on probation if the Signing Officers do not renew their club status annually. A renewal reminder email shall be sent by the VP Internal or VP External Affairs to the Signing Officers 30 days after the end of the Winter term. If no response is received after the reminder email, the club shall be terminated by the RRCSA as of June 30th to align with the RRCSA’s fiscal year’s end.

Refer to the CLUB Policies and Procedures for more details.

If you want to renew your Club, please do so in writing to VP Internal (

Refer to the CLUB Policies and Procedures for more details regarding Club Funds (Club Deposit and Club Cheque Request).

To Request Funds from the Club Account, Fill out the form below.

Club Cheque Request

Club Cheque Request

Cheque payable to
Cheque payable to
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Maximum file size: 516MB

Please enter one of your signing authorities email to authorize your expense to your club.
Please enter one of your signing authorities email to authorize your expense to your club.

The RRCSA offers up to $200 to each club per term for events and fundraising through its Club Bursary Program. If you have any questions regarding Club Support Bursary, please reach out to VP Internal ( at RRCSA.
To apply for it, fill out the form below.

Club Bursary
If you have any questions regarding Club Support Bursary, please reach out to VP Internal ( or VP External Affairs ( at RRCSA.
Please include unit number if applicable and postal code.

Maximum file size: 516MB

In order to complete the application process, When I SUBMIT this form I hereby authorize and give the Red River College Polytechnic Students’ Association our full permission to contact Red River College Polytechnic, Student Services, or any RRC POLYTECH department for the purpose of accessing and providing information to verify our RRCSA Club Support Bursary Application Details.

Clubs can be transferred by current Club Signing Officers to new Club Signing Officers at any time of the year.

The Clubs must have a minimum of 3 or a maximum of 4 Signing Officers, which must be current RRC Polytech students. However, the Club may have an RRC Polytech staff as one of the Signing Officers with the approval of the club members.

Refer to the CLUB Policies and Procedures for more details.

To start a club transfer please email VP Internal (



Active Clubs

Non-Academic Clubs

Anime Club

The Anime club is for people who want to connect with fellow students at RRC Polytech who share a similar interest in anime and related activities. The group gathers to watch anime and discuss their preferences.


Business Administration Social Club

The Business Administration Student Association (BASA) is an organization representing business administration students, graduates as well as alumni of Red River College Polytechnic (RRC) from Majors in Finance, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing, etc. The BASA is a student-approved club that serves to enhance the educational experience of undergraduate business administration students. Purpose is to network with Term 1 – Term 4 students as well as connect with alumni. Students can support each other from all business administration majors. Enhance a growing interest for all students in the BA program.


Cars and Coffee

Cars and coffee is a club for car enthusiasts to meet up, work on a car together, and sip coffee.


Dungeons and Dragons

Come adventure, one and all! Our goal is to have a consistent game of Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition going. We will start from scratch for any new players who have heard of DND but never played before.


College Transition Club

The college transition club will give participants the opportunity to volunteer and gain skills in networking, budgeting, project planning, celebrate our indigeneity, and the ability to help RRCP grow in reconciliatory action.


Cultural Fusion Club

‘Cultural Fusion Club’ will be a safe place and welcome students regardless of their background, beliefs, or identities. Our mission is to provide a supportive and inclusive community for students from all over the world. We believe strength in diversity and aim to promote cross-cultural understanding and friendship among the people. By joining our club, students will have the opportunity to meet students from different cultural backgrounds, learn from each other, appreciate different cultures, and participate in cultural events and activities. Moreover, they can share their traditions and customs with each other. We will also be offering resources and support for students who face challenges as international students like homesickness, loneliness, and many other problems.


Fun on Ice

Join the Fun on Ice – the coolest ice-skating club at Red River College Polytechnic! We’re all about amazing ice adventures that bring everyone together. Imagine skating on ice with friends from all around – that’s us!
Families and grown-ups, you’re invited to try ice skating and feel the thrill. We’ll be your cheerleaders as you take those first super-fun glides. Winnipeg’s winter wonderland is calling – let’s enjoy the icy outdoors and make awesome memories. No worries, just good times!
At Fun on Ice, we think skating is like magic. It’s not just a sport – it’s a way to share smiles, try new things, and have a blast. So, grab those skates and join us for a season filled with laughter, unity, and unforgettable moments. Let’s glide together and make this winter the best one yet!


Intercultural Alliance

Embracing diversity is the foundation of this organization; hence, it is a venue for cultural exchange where members freely share their culture and learn from one another. Intercultural Alliance also provides a support system for struggling students by referring them to available supports in the College and conceptualizing activities that would address students’ needs, such as the talking circle session where members check on one another. The end goal of Intercultural Alliance is for every member to succeed not only in academic programs but in life as a whole through the provision of various activities.


Language Networking Club

The Language Networking Club (LNC) helps the members practice language skills through discussions and conversational circles.
This club aims to create a vibrant community that not only enhances English language skills but also provides valuable connections for future academic and professional endeavors.

The club organizes various events that combine cross-cultural experiences, social events, stimulating conversations and fun activities to create an inclusive environment for language enthusiasts.


Latin Identity

Dance, music, food, literature, and traditions! Let’s celebrate our Latin Community here in Winnipeg at RRC Polytech.


Newcomer Connections Support

Newcomer Connections Support Club (NCSC) intends to be a non-academic support group for international students who might need support and assistance. International students can find support for questions and concerns and a place for social interaction with other fellow international
students. This club will also benefit international students in a way for them to connect and share their experiences, provide a positive environment, and find assistance with their life at the college and in the community.


Tech Club

Welcome to our Tech Club, where you will discover a vibrant community dedicated to fostering a passion for technology and innovation. As a member, you will actively engage in hands-on learning, collaborative projects, and interactive sessions. From mastering essential tech tools in our workshops to exploring emerging technologies, our goal is to empower you with practical skills and insights. Joining our club means you will not only network with like-minded peers but will also have the opportunity to connect with industry experts, RRC alumni, and RRC staff who will frequently contribute to our sessions, sharing their valuable experiences. Whether you’re a Business Administration student delving into financial tech or a Health Care student exploring health tech innovations, the Tech Club is your gateway to a tech-savvy community, exciting opportunities, and invaluable connections with a diverse range of professionals.


Red River Colleges Check-Mates

To develop cognitive skills such as students’ attention, memory, decision-making, and creativity. To teach a basic understanding of the rules of chess, for beginning players, as well as critical analysis of the game’s tactics for more advanced players. To conduct organized chess tournaments.


Winnipeg Wanderers

Welcome to the Winnipeg Wanderers Club, where adventure, culture, and community converge to create unforgettable college experiences!
About Us:
The Winnipeg Wanderers Club is a dynamic and diverse student organization dedicated to providing an enriching and adventurous college experience for all. Our mission is to inspire a sense of wanderlust and cultural curiosity in the hearts of our members while fostering a close-knit community of like-minded individuals.
Join Us:
Are you ready to embark on a college journey filled with adventure, cultural exploration, and meaningful connections? Join the Winnipeg Wanderers Club today and become part of a vibrant community that celebrates diversity, fosters personal growth, and embraces the thrill of adventure. Together, we’ll make college an unforgettable experience.
Discover. Explore. Wander.
Winnipeg Wanderers Club – Your Passport to Adventure and Culture.


Active Associations

Academic Club / Association

Bits and Bytes Association

The Bits and Bytes Association (BBA) was created to improve communication between students and staff to enhance the quality of education for Introduction to Business Information Technology (IBIT), Business Information Technology (BIT), Business Technology Management (BTM) and Information Security (IS) programs offered at Red River College through the Applied Computer Education (ACE) department. Since its inception in 2015, BBA has grown to over 100 members today and continues to climb steadily.


Manufacturing Engineering Club

This club gives students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in manufacturing and engineering by working on teams or projects managed by students working with industry, research, Alumni, and staff members. MEC is available to all Red River College Polytechnic students and is committed to promoting equity and diversity while fostering a culture of inclusion.


Nursing Students’ Association

The Nursing Students’ Association (NSA) is the official organization representing undergraduate nursing students at Red River College Polytechnic (RRC). The NSA is a student-elected council that serves to improve the educational experience of undergraduate nursing students.


Teacher Education Social Association (TESA)

The Teacher Education Social Association (TESA) is a group of students from the teacher education program at RRC Polytech. Our associations goals are to plan and organize fun social events and fundraisers in order to raise funds for our program’s educational spending.