Compassionate Bursary

This guideline describes how the Red River College Polytechnic Students’ Association implements the Compassionate Bursary Fund and how it helps students in times of unforseen financial emergency.



  • Academic Year: refers to the period from the first day of the Fall Term to the last days of exams for any given year’s Winter Term.  
  • Association (SA): refers to the Red River College Polytechnic Students’ Association Incorporated. 
  • Executive: refers to the students elected to a particular office in the SA (President, VP Internal, VP External Affairs, and VP Academic.) 
  • Fall Term: refers to the 16-week academic term starting at the end of August and ending with the academic break in December. 
  • Fiscal Year: refers to the period from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. 
  • Foreseen Circumstance(s): refers to a situation that was anticipated or known about beforehand. 
  • Full-Time Student: refers to an individual enrolled in a minimum 60% course load. 
  • Member in Good Standing (or Member): refers to any student enrolled at the College who is in good standing with the College, the SA and pays SA fees. 
  • Notice: is an email or other written communication sent out before a meeting to notify members of the date and time of the meeting. 
  • Part-Time Student: refers to an individual enrolled in less than a 60% course load. 
  • Summer Term: refers to an academic term beginning at the start of May and ending in the middle of August. 
  • Unforeseen Circumstance(s): refers to a situation that was not anticipated or known about beforehand.
  • Winter Term: refers to the 16-week academic term starting after the academic break in December and ending at the beginning of May. 
1. General Guidelines

1.1 The Students’ Association shall assist students in unexpected and immediate financial distress due to foreseen and unforeseen circumstances and emergencies under a contract agreement and application process.

1.2 The Executives’ responsibilities include approving student applications for CBF funding based on financial emergencies and circumstances, emergencies, or unexpected hardships.

1.3 The Executives shall determine the merit of each application based on its circumstances and proof of financial need.

1.4 The CBF fund will be worth up to $500 per term. The monies will be divided into 2 (two) 250$ and 250$ amounts.

1.5 The split CBF will be utilized to determine foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. Applicants may however apply under both foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. 

          2. Eligibility

          2.0 CBF is accessible to current students at RRC Polytech who are in good standing with the RRC Polytech and RRCSA and are enrolled in programs lasting more than one term, part-time or full-time enrollment.

          2.1 Apprentice students are not eligible and will be redirected to the RRC Polytech Student Services Center for financial aid and scholarship information.

          2.2 A student is not eligible for the CBF if there is any outstanding loan or penalty debt to RRC Polytech.

          2.3 Students can only receive funds for CBF if they apply within the dates of the term the student is enrolled.

          2.4 A student is only eligible for one bursary per term (Fall, Winter, and Summer) or as determined by the Executives.

          3. Application

          3.0 Students seeking CBF are required to fill and complete an application which seeks to establish the applicant’s financial circumstance located on the SA official website 

          3.0.1 The application deadline is 30 days before the end of the term in which the applicant is currently enrolled. 

          3.0.2 The RRCSA, in special circumstances, may consider late submissions of CBF. 

          3.0.3 All information, including invoices, bills, and receipts, chequing bank statements, printed copies of applicants’ grades (from the student’s service) must be submitted and attached to your online request. Include detailed information about the foreseen and unforeseen circumstance or emergency and the reason for financial distress. 

          3.0.4 Upon receipt of the CBF application, the Executive committee may schedule an interview with the applicant if additional information is required. 

          4. Approvals

          4.0 Based on the information provided in the online application process, the Executives shall evaluate and consider each student’s application on its merit.  

          4.1 The Vice-President Internal and one other Executive will review and approve qualified applications.

          4.2 After approval, the SA will issue a cheque to the student in the approved amount. Cheques will be received at the SA office. 

          4.3 The RRCSA will not issue cheques in a different name or give out bursaries in the form of Cash or Electronic transfer. 

          4.4 RRCSA may provide gift cards as part of the total approved amount under certain CBF conditions.  

          4.5 The RRCSA has limited CBF funds available annually and will approve applications on its merit on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

          4.6 The Executive decision is final as each case is assessed on its own merits and awards are made accordingly. 

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