During these economically challenging times, the Red River College Students’ Association (RRCSA) is dedicated to supporting students with a nourishing start to their day through a thoughtful Breakfast Program. This initiative provides up to 150 free breakfasts every other Wednesday at EDC and Friday at NDC, . Each breakfast includes an assortment of nutritious options such as yogurt, granola bars, juice, and fruit bars.

This program not only aims to ease the financial stress on students but also encourages a sense of community and support amidst the student body, ensuring that no student embarks on a day of learning with an empty stomach. Whether at Notre Dame Campus or Roblin Centre, students can look forward to a wholesome breakfast that powers their academic pursuits, while experiencing firsthand the caring, supportive environment created by RRCSA.


NDC – Library Hallway


NDCFri March 1 @ 8:30am
NDCFri March 15 @ 8:30am
NDCFri April 5 @ 8:30am
NDCFri April 19 @ 8:30am

EDC –  Atrium outside P110


EDCWed March 6 @ 8:30am
EDCWed March 20 @ 8:30am
EDCWed April 3 @ 8:30am
EDCWed April 17 @ 8:30am

Regional Campus