Election Results – Winner

The next Students’ Association President for 2022-23 is Manpreet Kaur.

  • There were no vice-president candidates.
  • The Students’ Association bylaws (Article 10.1.02) dictate we will appoint board members to fill the vacant vice-president positions until the next by-election can be held which is October 2022.
  • The board will confirm the election results on March 30, 2022 and appoint the vice-presidents on April 13, 2022 board meetings.


Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass) referendum was held during the SA elections on March 21-23, 2022.

    1. U-Pass results as follows:              In-Favour 408 (57% Yes)                               Against 307 (43% No)
  1. Total U-Pass votes was 715.
  2. The Students’ Association bylaws (Article 11.3.05) require a minimum of 1000 votes for a referendum to be ratified by RRC Polytech students.
  • The Students’ Association bylaws (Article 11.3.07) allow the Students’ Association Board (SAB) to ratify a referendum if the 1000 votes are not met but there are a minimum of 500 votes.
  • The SAB will now deliberate and decide if the U-Pass will be ratified on March 30, 2022 at the board meeting.