Cave Lounge Booking Form

The Cave Lounge - Rental Request Form

Thank you for your interest in booking The Cave Lounge. Please note we require a minimum of ten business days notice to consider your event, and your request is not guaranteed.

If you are a student looking to book The Cave Lounge for your Campus Club, please refer to the Club Event Proposal form.

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External event bookings are subject to a fee. Our Student Life Director will send you a quote once your booking has been reviewed.
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We do not permit movie screenings from major film studios such as Paramount, Universal, Disney, etc.
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On-campus music license fees apply.
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Note: If your event is not catered by RRC Polytech Food Services, no food will be permitted.


For chairs, tables, and/or extension cords, please contact NDC Facilities.The RRCSA does not provide these.

Starting January 1, 2024, our popcorn machine and cotton candy machine will no longer be available for rental. Kindly explore alternative arrangements for your needs.

By checking this box, I agree to restore the room to its original condition, clean all furniture, dispose of all trash, refrain from taping anything to the walls, and ensure all doors are locked before leaving The Cave Lounge. I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain the space and leave it in a clean and orderly condition for the next user.