The Students’ Association (SA) provides services to its student members including advocacy and consultations, coordinates events and trips, administers the student Health and Dental plan, provides campus volunteer and job opportunities.  The SA also provides funding for furnishings in a variety of student lounges and common spaces at all our campuses.  As well, the SA oversees the campus newspaper (The Projector), coordinates student campus clubs, operates the Food Bank, runs two campus stores, and also supports funding for some college departments.

We would love to communicate these services and offer to come to your class/session and do a 10-20 minute presentation to give a chance for Red River College students to ask questions about what they pay their SA membership fee for and give them a chance to meet our elected student representatives. 

We also want to summarize and promote the use of their Health and Dental benefits plan which can greatly improve the student’s mental and physical well-being or tell them how they can opt-out.


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