What is an Appeal?

An appeal is a process by which the student may seek a review of an RRC Polytech decision regarding:

  1. an academic evaluation which includes the component grade appeal and Final grade appeal. (note: for the component grade appeal, the assignment or the exam that is being appealed should be at least 10% of the final grade )
  2. Academic Integrity Breach and Non-Academic Misconduct or Breach
  3. Academic Accommodations
  4. RPL Decisions

Note: please review for detailed information.


Follow the link to access the RRC Polytech Appeals form 

Note: you need to log in using your HUB credentials.

The Red River College Polytechnic Students’ Association offers a Student Advocate Service that assists students experiencing problems with an action or decision reached by Red River College Polytechnic. This service provides current, in good standing students with:

  • Information or assistance to resolve or facilitate the resolution of problems or concerns resulting from actions or decisions taken by the College which may be considered to be unfounded, unfair, unjust, discriminatory and/or create undue hardship.
  • Information or assistance required by the student in the preparation of a formal appeal of a grade or disciplinary action.


For assistance, please visit either of our two offices (Notre Dame – CM20 / The Roblin Centre Exchange District Campus – P110) or email your VP Academic at (Notre Dame Campus) or your VP External at (Downtown & Regional Campuses).

It should be noted that the SA tries to help as many students as possible and will support the advocacy process to the point at which our time or funds spent jeopardizes other students or the student executive job duties.

Appeal Intake Form (This is not an official appeal)

Appeal Intake Form (This is not an official appeal)

The following intake form has been developed in order for the RRCSA Executive to gather initial information to best support you as you decide to engage in an appeal. We understand that the appeal process can be stressful and we wish to provide you with accurate information and timely support as you determine your next steps.
What campus do you attend?
How do you identify yourself?

Why is this important?

The SA understands that the RRC Polytech student community is diverse and has diverse needs. Through your self-identification the SA can provide information on supports available that may best suit your needs.
Have you spoken with your instructor about your concern?
What form of appeal do you wish to make?
Summary of Concern
Do you give the RRCSA Executive permission to share information if necessary to support you in your Appeal?
Start Over