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Referendum Results:

Universal Bus Pass Referendum:

  • Yes Votes – 113
  • No votes – 120


However, the student U-Pass did NOT have the minimum number of student votes for quorum and therefore was NOT ratified.

The Students’ Association Board will now review the results and plan what the next steps will be.



The Red River College Students’ Association (RRCSA) is working with Winnipeg Transit to implement a U-Pass program for all full-time eligible Red River College Polytechnic students. The U-Pass is a Universal Transit Pass that gives unrestricted access to Winnipeg Transit transportation services for a mandated fee. 


Red River College Polytechnic Students voted in a referendum in Fall 2017 to approve a mandatory U-Pass fee for all full-time students. The initial cost for U-Pass back in 2017 was $130 per term and $260 per year. The referendum was ratified, with 57.44% of students voting in favour of implementing the U-Pass. The city council then approved the U-Pass in September 2018 to be started in September 2020. The U-Pass program was suspended in 2020 because of COVID 19, as only a limited number of classes were offered on-campus at all post-secondary institutes. 

However, we are now deciding to rerun this referendum to gauge the interest and appetite for the U-Pass program as it was ratified over five years ago by the student body but never actually implemented and used. Secondly, in the last four years, Winnipeg Transit has increased the U-Pass from $130 per term (back in 2017) to $208 per term in 2021, that’s a 62% increase in cost. If the referenda are ratified this October (during our student elections), the RRCSA expects to implement it and start charging students for the Fall 2022 term (next school year) at $208 per term and $416 per year. 



The U-Pass will cost EVERY eligible student $208 (4 months) per semester.



Full-Time eligible students must meet these requirements:

  1. Be in an RRC POLYTECH program within Winnipeg
  2. Be in an RRC POLYTECH program that lasts 12 weeks between:
    1. Fall term: Sept 1- Dec 31
    2. Winter Term: Jan 1 – Apr 30

Distance Education courses are excluded from the U-Pass Program by the RRCSA. Distance Education students who take a minimum of 12 credit hours may Opt-In to the U-Pass Program following Opt-In guidelines. Students enrolled in a co-op or internship are not charged the U-Pass, but they can choose to purchase one. A fee for the U-Pass program will be assessed to all full-time eligible students who are members of the RRCSA.


What is the Red River College Polytechnic UNIVERSAL BUS PASS (U-Pass)?

The RRC POLYTECH U-Pass is an unlimited ride Winnipeg Transit bus pass. The U-Pass is issued to any eligible student (see eligibility). The U-Pass is charged to the student per term (Fall and/or Winter) which gets added on to the student tuition by RRC POLYTECH.

Note: The RRC POLYTECH U-Pass may be administered by Winnipeg Transit OR a similar unlimited ride semester pass may be administered by the Students’ Association.

What’s the history of the RRC POLYTECH U-Pass?

In 2017, the students at that time approved and ratified the RRC POLYTECH U-Pass Referendum. As it was being implemented and approved by the City of Winnipeg the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the U-Pass was suspended for the past 2 years. We now want to re-ask the referendum question to RRC POLYTECH students as it was approved over 5 years ago and there has been a substantial U-Pass cost increase by Winnipeg Transit from its initial referendum approval.

Do students want a RRC POLYTECH U-Pass?

The Students’ Association is holding a referendum October 25-27, 2021. Voting will take place during our Students’ Association elections to ask RRC POLYTECH students if they want to receive the U-Pass. All eligible students (must have a RRC POLYTECH HUB account) may vote in the referendum which will be on our SA website. If the referendum passes, ALL eligible students will be charged.

Referendum Question: Are you FOR (In-favour) or AGAINST (Not in-favour) receiving an unlimited ride Winnipeg Transit Bus Pass (currently costs $208/term or $416/Fall + Winter terms) that will be added to your compulsory tuition for eligible students?

* Only Full-Time students taking a min of 12 credit hrs and living within the city limits are eligible and will be charged and will receive the RRC POLYTECH U-Pass. U-Pass eligibility requirements and actual costs will be negotiated and set by the Red River College Students’ Association as shown on the RRCSA web site.

 YES – For the U-Pass

 NO – Against the U-Pass

Note: The RRC POLYTECH U-Pass may be administered by Winnipeg Transit OR a similar unlimited ride semester pass may be administered by the Students’ Association.

How much does a U-Pass cost?

The RRC POLYTECH U-Pass will cost $208 per term. Fall term $208 and Winter term $208 totaling $416 for a year. There is no Summer/Spring term U-Pass.

How do I know I am eligible for the U-Pass?

Eligibility of the U-Pass includes Full-time Red River College Polytechnic students taking a minimum of 12 credit hours per term AND live within the city perimeter limits as designated by Winnipeg Transit. Additionally, students must be in a RRC POLYTECH program that last 12 weeks between:
a. Fall term: Sept 1- Dec 31
b. Winter Term: Jan 1 – Apr 30

What is the difference between U-Pass and Peggo Card?

For the U-Pass, only eligible full-time Red River College Polytechnic students are charged $208 per term (fall and/or winter) for an unlimited ride U-Pass. The U-Pass card is loaded with a semester pass each term a student qualifies and pays for it on their tuition. The U-Pass is for the Fall (September 1 – December 31) and Winter (January 1 – April 30) terms. There is no summer (May 1 – August 31) U-Pass.

The Peggo card (Post-Secondary) is pass that students can purchase at the Students’ Association and then load it at any authorized dealer locations with any fare amount they choose; daily, monthly, or a full semester.

Where do I pick up my U-Pass?

The U-Pass must be picked up at the Students’ Association Office. Notre Dame Campus CM20 or the Exchange District Campus P110.

Do I have to load my U-Pass?

No, the U-Pass is automatically loaded and ready to be used at the start of each term. The Fall term is September 1, and the Winter term is January 1.

How long does my U-Pass last?

The U-Pass is valid for each term that you pay for it. The Fall term goes from September 1 – December 31 and the Winter term from January 1 – April 30.

May I Opt-In to the U-Pass?

Students must fill in the Opt-In form online on our SA website. The opt-in deadline is 30 days from the start of your program. Students who identify as having a diagnosed disability and are recognized by RRC POLYTECH as full-time students at 6 credits are eligible to Opt-in and fill in the online form requesting a U-Pass.

Do I need to Opt-In every term?

Yes, Full-time students who are eligible and not assessed the U-Pass fee MUST opt-in each term through our website. The opt-in deadline is 30 days from the start of your program.

Can I Opt-Out of the U-Pass?

A student may apply online through the SA website to Opt-Out within 30 days of the start of their program Opt-Out is very limited and must successfully demonstrate Opt-Out allowable reasons as set by Winnipeg Transit and the RRCSA. Proof of U-Pass payment must also be documented.

The following are allowable Opt-Out reasons:
• Transit cannot accommodate a diagnosed disability
• The primary address is located outside Winnipeg City Limits as set by Winnipeg Transit

The following are NOT valid reasons to Opt-Out of the U-Pass:
• I walk to school
• I cycle to school
• I carpool to school
• I drive to school
• I purchased an RRC POLYTECH Campus Parking Pass
• I live in Residence
• I don’t take the bus
• The bus is unsafe
• The bus does not stop by my house

Please note that all Opt-Out applications and supporting documentation MUST be submitted by the deadline or will be denied. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

How do I Opt-Out of the U-Pass?

A student must apply online through the website to Opt-Out within 30 days of the start of the term by filling in the form on the SA website
Students must provide valid documented proof.
SA approves all Opt-Out forms, and their decision is final.

How do I know if I’m approved for an Opt-Out?

A student will receive an email from the SA indicating they were approved for the Opt-Out. The refund ($208/term) will be put back onto their student account, which is done through RRC POLYTECH enrollment services. The refund will remain in the student’s account for the next term or a student may request a refund through RRC POLYTECH channels.

Do I need to Opt-Out every term?

Yes, students must re-apply every academic term to Opt-Out of the U-Pass. Online Opt-Out request deadlines must be met.

What happens if my student status changes from Full-time to Part-Time?

If your student status changes from full-time to part-time BEFORE the end of the Opt-Out deadline period, you can apply online for a U-Pass refund.
If you drop courses, become a part-time student, have graduated, take a break from school AFTER the Opt-Out deadline period, and your status becomes part-time, your U-Pass will continue to be valid until the end of the term.

Can I claim the U-Pass on my tax returns?

No, there is no tax credit for the U-Pass.

What if my U-Pass card is not working on the bus, or what if I lose it?

If you lose your U-Pass card, you need to fill out a form on the Students’ Association website for a replacement card. There will be a charge for a new U-Pass card. If your U-Pass card is not working, you need to fill out a form on the Students’ Association website for a replacement card.

Do I need to pay additional charges to purchase the U-Pass card?

Yes, all Peggo card including The U-pass costs $5.

Will the cost of U-Pass increase every year?

Yes, it increases as per Consumer Price Index (CPI) which is set by City Council and Winnipeg Transit every year.