Terms and Conditions

August 2020 –
  • Your post secondary Peggo card is to be used ONLY while you’re in class/active student.
  • During Summer break while you have no class your Post Secondary Peggo Card does not work. You need to purchase a regular fare Peggo Card and use that during the summer months.
  • You will have to purchase a new Post Secondary Card when your class starts again in September.
  • Only load Post Secondary Monthly passes on the post secondary Peggo card.
  • This post secondary Peggo card is not your property and can be confiscated by Winnipeg Transit at anytime.
  • Yes you pay for the card but once you register the card you get a $5.00 refund on the card making what you paid for the card nil.
  • This card is only valid from September 01 – April 30 on any given academic year.
  • We no longer provide customer service for Peggo related problems if you aren’t an active student at Red River College.
  • While our stores are closed you must load your Post Secondary card at one of Winnipeg Transits outlets. HERE
  • Don’t forget to register your Peggo cards!