About the

SA Monthly Info Meeting

Do you like to get involved, make connections and have fun?

Do you want the opportunity to win movie tickets, RRCSA swag, gift cards, and more?

Are you in need of a better resume, work experience and volunteer hours?

The Students’ Association would like to invite you to the first SA Monthly Info Meeting, Where you can gain all of that!

What is a Students’ Association Rep?

1 hour a month meeting with your peers and Students’ Association executives, the VP Academic and VP External.

We bring you information about events, RRCSA services, guest speakers, and more to relay to your peers.

You bring us questions, concerns, and suggestions from your peers for how we can improve the student experience, and life online and on campus.

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please remember to use your @academic.rrc.ca

RRCSA SA Representative In-Person Meetings

12:00 pm-12:50 pm



SEPT 13A406SEPT 15P107
OCT 11GM-41OCT 13P107
JAN 17GM-41JAN 19P107
FEB 14GM-41FEB 16P107
MAR 14GM-41MAR 16P107
APR 4GM-41 (4:00pm-4:50pm)APR 6P107