The Red River College Students’ Association bylaws on the process for a referendum.


Taken from the Red River College Students’ Association Bylaws.



  • 4.01 A referendum may be called to obtain the decision of the Members on an issue of widespread importance.
  • 4.02 A Member wishing to call a referendum must submit a petition, containing the first and last names, student identification number, and signature of at least 500 Members, to the Executive Committee. The petition must be presented at a SAB meeting at least 30 days prior to an election.
  • 4.03 Referenda shall occur at the same time as an election.
  • 4.04 A minimum of 15% of the total eligible Members must vote in the referendum for the results to be considered valid.
  • 4.05 A majority vote is required for a referendum to be successful.

A referendum is called to obtain and decision on an issue of widespread importance in the RRC community. I am aware the petition must be presented to the Students’ Association Board 30 days prior to an election and a week before the board meeting. I am aware for the referenda to be valid there must be a minimum of 15% total eligible members vote submitted.


If you would like to submit a referendum, please contact and book a meeting here to discuss what is needed and the process behind it. A referendum may only be held regarding matters which are not under the purview of RRCSA’s governing bodies.