Post Secondary Peggo Card


Peggo Card Info

    • The campus is now open and eligible students can purchase their Peggo card in our offices. If you choose this route please do not order from here.
    • Peggo cards will be mailed out to you.  You may also pick one up in the SA Office, Notre Dame Campus-CM20 or Downtown Campus-P110.
    • Once you receive your Peggo card, follow the steps in the long description to load your card.
      • The SA will NOT load your Peggo cards on campus.
    • Loading of your Peggo card can be done online, calling 311, at Shoppers, or 7-11, see Winnipeg Transit for Peggo loading options How do I load my peggo card? (
    • If you don’t qualify for the card after purchase you will be refunded.
    • VERY IMPORTANT: You must have a Transit Date Sticker and place it on your Student Card. Transit date Stickers can be picked up in the SA offices (CM20/P110) or will be mailed out to you with your Peggo card.
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Purchasing a Post-Secondary Student peggo card

A post-secondary Student peggo card must be purchased at the educational institution where you are enrolled. After your initial purchase you are free to load your card online, at one of our retail sales agents, or by calling 311.

Students will be required to show their Red River College student ID to the bus operator when tapping your peggo card.

Who Qualifies?

Full or Part Time students enrolled in credit courses leading to a recognized degree, certificate, or diploma at one of the following participating institutions:

  • Universities and Colleges recognized by an Act of the Manitoba Legislature,
  • Private vocational institutions in Winnipeg (These institutions must have a current certificate of registration issued by the Provincial Department of Advanced Education and Literacy under the Private Vocational Institutions Act and Manitoba Regulation 237/2002),
  • Adult Education Centers in Winnipeg. Adult students (over age 22) enrolled in High School diploma courses.
  • Students who are enrolled in English as an Additional Language programs at any institution that is currently eligible to sell the Post-Secondary Student Pass.

Students who are participating in apprenticeship and continuing education programs do not qualify for Post-Secondary Student Pass.

To find out if you qualify for a Post-Secondary pass talk to your Post-Secondary institution today.

Lost, Stolen, or Deactivated cards

We recommend that all post-secondary students register their peggo cards. If you lose a registered peggo card, you will have the ability to recover the remaining value from the card and transfer it to a new card.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your peggo card is lost or stolen you’ll need to report this. There are two ways you can report your card as lost or stolen:

  1. You can log into your peggo account and cancel your card, or
  2. You can phone 311 and they’ll cancel your card for you.

To cancel your card online you’ll need to log into your peggo account and on the Manage My Card page click the Card Lost button. This will trigger the process to cancel your card. It can take up to 48 hours to cancel your card. We cannot guarantee the fares used on your card during this period.

An email with this information on it will be sent to you when you report your card lost. You will receive a second email that will confirm that your card was successfully cancelled. If your card had fares on it at the time you reported it lost you will need to come down to one of our Customer Service Centres (see below for locations). There is a $5.00 charge for replacement cards.

If you call 311 you’ll need to provide your User ID and login in order to cancel your card.

Replacing a lost peggo card that had unused fares on it

To obtain a replacement post-secondary card and transfer the unused fares from your lost card is a two-step process. After you have reported your card as lost or stolen you’ll need to:

  • Purchase a new peggo card at the post-secondary institution you attend
  • Bring that peggo card to one of our Transit Service Centres to have the remaining balance transferred to the new card.

Please note that Transit Service Centers do not distribute post-secondary cards. You’ll need to make sure you have a new card before coming to Transit. If your post-secondary card has stopped working please call 311 and they’ll walk you through the next steps.

Transit Customer Service Centre locations
Transit Customer Service CentreSouthwest Concourse Portage & Main
Millennium Library Transit Customer Service Centre251 Donald
Transit Customer Service Centre414B Osborne St

Replacing a lost peggo card that has no fares on it

If you did not have any fares on your lost post-secondary card after you have reported it as lost or stolen you can go to the post-secondary institution you attend and purchase a new card. Once you purchase a new card you can link it to your peggo card account.

Deactivated cards

Post-secondary peggo card eligibility is determined by the institution you attend. If your post-secondary institution determines that you are no longer eligible your peggo card will be cancelled.

Photo ID Cards

If the educational institution does not issue student photo ID cards, you can add a photo to your peggo card. Transit photos are done at our Customer Service Centre listed below:

Winnipeg Transit Customer Service Centre
B-414 Osborne Street
Monday – Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Students must show proof of current registration at the time of purchase.