Everything you need to know about your Post-secondary Peggo card

Peggo Card Info

Since the campus is closed until January 2021 we will mail you your card if you are eligible. Follow the steps in the long description to load your card after you have received it. If you don’t qualify for the card after purchase you will be refunded.

If you are experiencing POST SECONDARY Peggo card issues and you can’t make it to the college because of closure, please click the + and fill out the form below. We will be responding to these submissions Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:30pm.
Peggo Problem
Have you registered your card online?
What Winnipeg Transit service centre would you like to attend? *
Please attach your receipts or bank statement for proof of purchase.
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
If I loaded funds to my card prior to being registered and can’t use it, what do I do?

You need to fill out the peggo problem form and we will start the process of transfering your funds to a new card.  Before you fill out the form be sure you have a Post Secondary card.  You can check by turning your card around and looking for a “P” on the back.  If it says anything other than a “P” you need to contact Winnipeg Transit for their customer service.

I have a Post Secondary Peggo card but it won’t work, what do I do?

You need to fill out the Peggo problem form above.

How do I purchase a Post Secondary Peggo card if I don’t have a credit card or debit visa?

Use the chat function on the bottom right of our website and setup a time to come into the office and purchase it.  We do not accept cash.

How long does my post-secondary Peggo card last?

Your post-secondary Peggo card is only valid from September 1 – April 30 on any academic year.  There are some exceptions to this but the majority of students who are on summer break DO NOT qualify to use it during this time.  If you decide to load your post-secondary Peggo card during this time it will create a series of inconvenient events for you.

What products can I load on my post-secondary Peggo card?

You should only load products that expire like Monthly, 28day, 14 day or Semester pass.  If you only use E-Cash we recommend you buy a regular fare Peggo card.