Garden Application

Garden Application

please use your "name" email
Please include postal code and suite number if needed.
If you are unsure what year you will graduate make an educated guess.
What vegetable seeds would you like?
You can choose up to 4 seeds.
What herb seeds would you like?
You can choose up to 2 seeds

I understand the RRC Polytech Students’ Association is not responsible for my action or actions of others; I, therefore, agree to hold harmless the Students’ Association and its departments for any responsibilities or liability, damage, loss, injuries (including death), including claims or causes of action that occurs in connection with use of the garden.


The rights granted to me, the gardener, shall not be transferred or assigned in any way except by formal process in writing to the Students’ Association

i.e., if I cannot maintain my plot, I will find someone to maintain it for me and notify the Students’ Association in writing.

  • I will maintain the weeding and maintain my plot throughout the season.
  • I will practice the Leave-No-Trace principles:
    • Plan Ahead and Prepare
    • Travel to Campus and conditions of the area (including bringing boots if required)

    • Dispose of Waste Properly
    • Leave What You Find
    • Minimize Impacts
    • Respect Wildlife
    • Be Considerate of Others
    • If I didn't plant it, don't pick it
  • Garden tools and gloves will be supplied upon seed pickup.

Limited spots available. This is first come first serve. Seeds will be available for pickup from the Students’ Association office

  • I will respect other gardeners and other plots, including being mindful of my plant heights so I am not blocking sunlight from other gardens.
  • The Students’ Association will not be responsible for settling disputes regarding the community gardens. If the SA is contacted and the parties involved cannot come to a resolution, all parties involved will lose access to the community garden program.
  • I will clean out the contents of my garden plot by the specified clean-up date by the Students’ Association.