2021-22 Students’ Association UPDATED Fees – effective July 28, 2021




Student Association Fees Notre Dame and Exchange District Campuses
Student Association Fee 

$10.75 per credit when when credits are less than or equal to 8 credits per term

$71 per term when credits are greater than 8 and less than or equal to 51 credits

$142 per term when credits are greater than 51 credits

Students registered in less than 4 weeks’ pay no SA fees

Satellite Campuses including Regional Campuses and Stevenson Campus 
Student Association Fee

$30.70 per year when students enrolled full time (6 or more hours per week) in 6,7,8,9 month programs

 $3.85 per month when students enrolled full time less than 6 months or more than 9 months

$6.40 per course when students enrolled for less than 6 hours per week

Students registered in less than 4 weeks’ pay no SA fees

Continuing Education
Student Association Fee

$71 per term when students enrolled in a full time program

$10.25 per course when student enrolled in less than 6 hours per week (in-class and online/distance delivery) 

Students registered in less than 4 weeks’ pay no SA fees

Apprenticeship Programs (including Stevenson and Regional Campuses)
Student Association Fee No SA fees

This fee is split into 4 separate categories.

  1. SA fee – 60%
  2. SA Advocacy – 7.5%
  3. SA Wellness – 7.5%
  4. SA Capital/Renovation/Maintenance – 25%

The Students’ Association provides health, dental and international health benefits to eligible students.  Student benefit information can be found at https://rrcsa.ca/health-and-dental-benefits/

  1. Health Benefit fee is $135 for 12 months of coverage.
  2. Dental Benefit fee is $120 for 12 months of coverage.
  3. International Health fee is $766.50 for 12 months of coverage charged to all international students.




Summary Fees


RRC STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION Fee – Haunted House! Carnival Days! Movie Marathons! Campus Clubs! RRC’s Students’ Association makes campus life more interesting, keeping your calendar filled with fun events and activities — everything from block parties and gaming nights to petting puppies to relieve stress. The SA also provides a number of student-centered supports and services including scholarships, Health & Dental plans, student spaces & lounges, stores & bus passes, on-campus food banks and RRC’s annual all program Career Fair. They’re always looking for students to get involved and stay engaged — visit their website or stop into their office to find out how you can get involved! ​


SA Wellness Fee – The Physical and Mental wellbeing of our students is one of our top priorities. The wellness fee ensures that we can participate in and financially support a variety of on campus wellness initiatives. We partner with Healthy Minds Healthy College to host various activities that focus on the wellbeing of our students, support monthly therapy dog visits, support the digital mental health program BEACON, support and contribute financially to bring guest speakers on campus, and more.


SA Capital, Renovation and Maintenance Fee – The Students’ Association currently manages 6 spaces (The Cave, Lockers, Workshop, The Den, Club Hub and The Spectrum), 3 offices, 3 stores (The Ox, Mercantile, and STTC) and various lounges to assist students with their needs. The Maintenance, Renovation and Capital Fee supports the maintenance, expansion, and renewal of all these spaces across all campuses for the benefit of students.


SA Advocacy Fee – The Students’ Association engages with Red River College and post-secondary stakeholders in a variety of ways to ensure the student voice is represented as decisions are made on issues that affect your education and college experience.  The RRCSA is a proud member of the Canadian Alliance of Students’ Association (CASA), and in recent years have advocated for increased mental health supports on campus, easier access to co-op and internships for international students, and the expansion of the Canada Student Grant program.