Frag Fest: Call of Duty: Warzone

Think you can get the highest number of kills in a single game? You have until 9:00 PM to submit five of your best Call of Duty: Warzone games to win first, second or third place! All five games will go towards one final total.

Please read the rules carefully.


  • Must be a current RRC student
  • Unregistered entries will not be accepted (register here)
  • Tournament is open from 9 AM – 9 PM CDT
  • Late entries (after 9 PM) will not be accepted
  • Games must be played in solo mode
  • Unlimited games can be played, but it’s up to the player to submit their best five
  • The gamertag(s) you registered with must be visible in all five screenshots
    • The total kills in each screenshot will go towards your final total
  • Screenshots must be uploaded to this page, below


Please select a valid form



1st Place: $100 Gamer’s Choice gift card

2nd Place: $50 Gamer’s Choice gift card

3rd Place: $25 Gamer’s Choice gift card