Truth & Reconciliation Week

Red River College’s third annual Truth and Reconciliation Week, September 27 – October 1, 2021, is dedicated to deepening our understanding of Canada’s history, Indigenous cultures, and sparking a conversation around Truth and Reconciliation.

During the week, you will hear from Indigenous voices, engage in the conversation, as well as participate in some interactive activities. Some of the themes we will be touching on this year include anti-racism, Every Child Matters, the Canadian Residential School System, intergenerational trauma, healing, and strength.

All are welcome to participate in special events and join the conversation. As you participate in this week’s events strong emotions may arise. Be sure to take breaks and practice good self-care. Remember to be kind and do check-ins with yourself, and you can always access RRC Mental Health supports and resources at

Notes: All live virtual events will hosted via Microsoft Teams and no registration will is required. Direct links will be added to each event, or join the Teams Site below.

Connect on Teams!

Join the TRC Week Microsoft Teams site to easily access events and resources, receive notifications on and join the conversation! Live events will be hosted via Microsoft Teams for ease of use.

There will be a few different channels for you to explore, including channels hosted by the Student’s Association, the Academic Success Centre, and the Library.

To join, use code: z3znhh2

(Select all Teams in the side bar of Microsoft Teams, click join team in the top right corner, enter the code.)

Every Child Matters Orange Handprint Project

September 30, 2021 is the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, a day known as Orange Shirt Day where we honour the Indigenous children who were sent away to Residential Schools in Canada and remember those who never made it home.

To bring awareness to these horrific events and support a journey of healing, the RRCSA and Indigenous Education are partnering up to invite RRC staff and students to share their thoughts, prayers, hopes and messages of support by offering orange paper hands to be signed from September 20-October 1. These cut-outs will be available at both NDC and EDC Students’ Association offices. All hands will hang on the walls on campus, honouring the victims and survivors of Residential Schools. This is the Every Child Matters Hand Print Project.