Rally for International Student Healthcare

Let’s Advocate Together! 

We are partnering with other Post-Secondary students from across the province to petition the Manitoba Government to re-instate international students back on Manitoba Provincial Health Care Plan at NO COST just like domestic students.
In 2018, the government privatized Provincial Health Care Plan and removed international students from its access. They now require international students to purchase their own private emergency health coverage similar to the provincial health plan on top of high tuition costs.
RRC Polytech Students’ Association (RRCSA) is a member of the Manitoba Alliance of Post-Secondary Students (MAPSS) along with student unions from other Public Post-Secondary Institutes across Manitoba.
Join us at the Rally on September 28, 2022, at 12:00 PM outside the Legislative Building. We trust that all students attending will represent our student community with great pride and responsibility, and behave in a peaceful, non-violent way while expressing support for international student healthcare. This rally is safe to attend and participate in. So long as we respect the grounds of the legislative building and the people around us, no legal action will be taken. This is our chance to have the Manitoba provincial government hear our voices in a safe, supportive and truly impactful way. We hope you will join us in doing so.