Netflix Trivia

Event link:

  • This event will open 30 mins before it starts (6:30pm) (will show that I started the event) to give students time to register and check to make sure that they have the proper video player programs to run Webex events
  • If you do not have the proper video player program please follow the prompts to download what is needed
  • If possible it is easier to open webex event on your computer and join the Kahoot Trivia ( on your phone (otherwise you will need to have two browser pages open)
  • Join Kahoot game by entering the PIN shown on the Kahoot main page
  • Kahoot questions and answers will be shown on the webex event screen, you will see corresponding colours/shapes on your phone or second web page to choose your answer on Kahoot (you will need to be able to see both pages in order to participate)
  • Kahoot Trivia will start at 7pm