Netflix Party

(max 50 participants)

We will be watching the movie ‘Accepted’

  • Go to to download the Netflix Party pin to your chrome browser (must be google chrome, will not work on another browser)
  • Make sure that Netflix Party is added as a pin on your tool bar
  • Sign into Netflix
  • Click on Netflix Party link provided on SA social media (link will be put up on social media 30 minutes before the party starts (6:30pm)
  • To join the party press the NP (top right next to search in chrome browser) once the Netflix video starts running (NP must be red, it will not work if it is grey, if it is grey this usually means that you are not signed in to Netflix)
  • Exit out of the link that pops up after you join the party
  • Only SA host will have control over the play and pause option
  • Feel free to chat with other students! (keep the conversations respectful otherwise you will be removed from the party)