Lunch & Learn: Indigenous Voices

The Red River College Students Association is currently in the process of building a foundation of support for our new Strategic Plan.

The SA is looking to evolve the Current Strat Plan to build a foundation for our new and Improved Strategic Plan.

To facilitate sustainable change and move beyond the impacts of colonization, the SA wants to listen and sit in support of our Indigenous Students and our commitment to Resilience and Reconciliation.

To move beyond a Pillar of Reconciliation on its own and weave principles and calls to action within each Strategic Pillar of our Organization. You are all valued Student Members, and the SA would love to build trust with our Indigenous Student Community.

We have invited Elder Paul to sit with us and help to facilitate growth between the SA and our Indigenous Students. Bring your incredible healing energy with you and have lunch with us. We have also invited some additional college community members, so students may have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with some of the superstars around the college that support our Indigenous Students and work together for a more fantastic future.

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