Library & Academic Services: Motivation Mondays


Join Library & Academic Services each Monday throughout the month of January for our “Motivation Mondays” online workshops! Starting January 10th – bright and early – we’ve scheduled four 30-minute workshops to support you during the first month of Winter term.

Facilitators will provide you with active learning strategies and tools to enhance your academic success and pose discussion questions to encourage self-reflection and goal setting for the term.

Join the Quest to be an Effective Learner (Jan 10th @ 8:30am)

Here is a fun and interactive session on how to be an effective learner. We will explore strategies on the importance of asking why and how to be resourceful in your everyday student life.

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What CAN Studying Look Like? (Jan 17th @ 8:30am)

We know that you have a lot to learn. Let’s reframe what studying looks like and the efficiency and benefits behind these ways.

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Less Procrastination, More Focus! (Jan 24th @ 8:30am)

Do you want to get the most out of your study and assignment completion sessions? This workshop will explore distraction, focus, and multi-tasking in the context of how the brain learns.

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Tips for Managing Test Anxiety (Jan 31st @ 8:30am)

Participants will discuss how they currently handle test anxiety and will hear about one or two strategies they can try before their next test.

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