Sign Language: Learn the Basics of ASL!


Sign Language 101

Join the RRCSA for the first ever American Sign Language (ASL) workshop happening March 11 at 12:00 PM!

During this workshop, Jordan Sangalang, an industry professional, will be teaching you the basics of ASL and the importance of Deaf Culture.

Your Coach

Jordan Sangalang is Deaf, communicates in ASL, and is passionate in getting involved to improve the quality of life for Deaf people and their communities. He is an ASL coach, and Deaf Culture Consultant. He believes Deaf people have stories to share, to inspire, to influence and to elevate the Deaf communities. (source)

The Workshop

Don’t miss out on this incredibly important workshop! You will learn new skills and be part of the transition to a more inclusive society.

Thank you for your interest. Registration is now full.