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Board Candidate Letter of Commitment

Having read, understood and accepted the Students’ Association Election Policies and bylaws
I, will let my name stand for the 2021-2022 Election Period (Oct 8th to Oct 27th, 2021) as an Election Candidate for the Red River College Students’ Association Board and will uphold the Students’ Association Election Policies and Association Bylaws. I will uphold the duties and responsibilities assigned as an election candidate and adhere to the decisions of the Elections and Referenda Committee, Chief Returning Officer, Executive Officers and/or Students’ Association Board. I will uphold and be accountable to the Mission, Vision and Values of the Red River College Students’ Association while I am an election candidate. As a student first, running for a Board position, I understand that my actions can affect my standing as a student or my nomination for a Board position and I will allow information to be disclosed to the Association by the College.

I will voluntarily disclose any information about my past, present, and current activities that may affect the Association in a negative way, including any Civil or Criminal charges and convictions as decided by or currently in a court of law, occurring within the past three (3) years.

If I am requested to remove any election campaign material (including social media) or have been disqualified by the CRO and/or Elections and Referenda Committee from the elections, I will do so immediately. If I do not comply with the CRO direction of campaign material removal, the RRCSA may take measures to remove such content as they see fit.

Without limitation, I provide the RRC Students’ Association permission to access the following information directly from Red River College for the purpose of verifying my eligibility as a candidate for the elections as well as it applies to a Board Position:

• Registration in courses at Red River College
• Inquire into attendance record at Red River College
• Current grade/marks in the courses/tests at Red River College
• Current cumulative GPA
• Any disciplinary, appeal, behavioral contracts or security issues that I am a part of

I expressly authorize Red River College to disclose the foregoing information.

In submitting this application, I understand that if elected to the Red River College Students’ Association Board of the Red River College Students’ Association, I accept and will adhere to the following responsibilities:

• I will act honestly and in good faith with the best interests of Red River College students in mind
• In representing the students of Red River College, I will always consider the Mission, Vision, and Values of the RRCSA
• I will thoroughly read the necessary documentation before all meetings to ensure I am prepared for the meeting
• I will adhere to the bylaws and policies of the SA
• I will keep any privileged information confidential
• I will make myself visible and available to the student body of Red River College, which includes allowing the RRCSA to put my photo and name on RRCSA media

• I understand that if I am absent from more than two SAB meetings, my status as a SAB member will be reviewed by Governance and Internal Review Committee
• I will sit on and attend meetings of at least one mandatory SAB sub-committee
• I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the SA President of any changes to my contact information, student status, and any circumstances that might affect my ability to represent students
• I will report questions and/or concerns of my constituents to the SAB and/or Executive Committee
• I will share information on events, activities, etc. with my constituents
• I will attend the RRCSA Annual General Meeting, which occurs concurrently with a SA Representative Meeting
• I have the right and responsibility to vote on all matters at SAB meetings
• I agree to volunteer where and whenever possible. I will also volunteer my time at SAB meetings
• I will exercise my powers with care, diligence and skill that a reasonable and prudent person would exercise in comparable situations
• If I am unable to fulfill my duties, I will promptly submit my written resignation to the President of the Students’ Association
• I will remain a student of Red River College in good standing during the academic calendar year.

I agree to the Board Candidate Letter of Commitment. *