Executive Nomination Form

Executive Nomination Form

Executive Nomination
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Executive Candidate Letter of Commitment

Having read, understood, and accepted the Students’ Association Election Policies and bylaws
I will let my name stand for the 2021-2022 Election Period (Oct 8th - Oct 27th) as an Election Candidate and will uphold the Students’ Association Election Policies and Association Bylaws. I will uphold the duties and responsibilities assigned as an election candidate and adhere to the decisions of the Elections and Referenda Committee, Chief Returning Officer, Executive Officers and/or Students’ Association Board. I will uphold and be accountable to the Mission, Vision and Values of the Students’ Association while I am an election candidate. As a student first, running for a student executive SA position, I understand that my actions can affect my standing as a student or my nomination for an executive position and I will allow information to be disclosed to the Association by the College.

I will voluntarily disclose any information about my past, present, and current activities that may affect the Association in a negative way, including any Civil or Criminal charges and convictions as decided by or currently in a court of law, occurring within the past five (5) years.

If I am requested to remove any election campaign material (including social media) or have been disqualified by the CRO and/or Elections and Referenda Committee from the elections, I will do so immediately. If I do not comply with the CRO direction of campaign material removal, the RRCSA may take measures to remove such content as they see fit.

Without limitation, I provide the RRC Students’ Association permission to access the following information directly from Red River College for the purpose of verifying my eligibility as a candidate for the elections as well as it applies to a Board Position:

• Registration in courses at Red River College
• Inquire into attendance record at Red River College
• Current grade/marks in the courses/tests at Red River College
• Current cumulative GPA
• Any disciplinary, appeal, behavioural contracts or security issues that I am a part of

I expressly authorize Red River College to disclose the foregoing information.

In submitting this application, I understand that if elected as an Executive of the Red River College Students’ Association, I accept and will adhere to the following responsibilities:

• I will act honestly and in good faith with the best interests of Red River College students in mind
• In representing the students of Red River College, I will always consider the Mission, Vision, and Values of the RRCSA
• I will adhere to the bylaws and policies of the SA
• I will keep any privileged information confidential
• I will make myself visible and available to the student body of Red River College, which includes allowing the RRCSA to put my photo and name on RRCSA media
• I will remain a student of Red River College in good standing during the academic calendar year.

I agree to the Executive Candidate Letter of Commitment *